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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create my first TV Ad?

There are many advertising agencies through which you can get your television ad created. Our team will share the technical specifications with you, and you can get your creative made basis that. In case you wish, we also facilitate advertisers for making TV creatives at cost-effective rates by our in-house creative team.

How can ZEE MITRA help me create my first TV ad?

We have a dedicated in-house team which cost-effectively help you to create your TV ad. The team has an experience of creating over 6000 ads for various brands. You can request for samples on

What are the duration of TV ads which can be made?

TV ads can be customized for durations such as 10 secs, 15 secs, 20 secs, 30 secs, and 60 secs.

Can I have multiple TV ads made and used in a single campaign?

You can but on a single day, on a single channel for a single market, only 1 ad will be played.

Can my existing old ad be edited?

It can be. However, we will require the original file source to keep the quality/output consistency. Also, your existing old ad will need to be validated based the guidelines.

Could I have different ads across different geography in one campaign?

You can have multiple options for this. However, on a single day on a single channel for a single market, only 1 ad will be played.

What are TV channels?

TV channels or Television channels are the content which is displayed on a television. In India, there are over 800 channels spread across regions and genres such as entertainment, sport, music, lifestyle, religious, news etc.

How many types of TV channels are there?

There are various genres of television channels such as Sports, GEC (general entertainment channels – &TV, ZEE TV), News, Movies, Cartoons, Lifestyle, Kids etc.

What is the difference between cable and DTH?

A cable channel is a channel which is available directly via a cable connection to the television. These are distributed over optic fibres. Companies such as ACT, Hathway, DEN are few companies which provide cable connections.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) television is a method of receiving satellite television by means of signals transmitted from direct-broadcast satellites. DTH does away with the need for the local cable operator and puts the broadcaster directly in touch with the consumer. Companies such as TATA Sky, DISH TV, Airtel, Reliance Digital provide this kind of services.

What are National and Regional channels?

National channels are channels which are broadcasted across India. These channels have a greater pan India reach and are recommended for advertising if a brand intends to do a campaign across the country.
Regional Channels are broadcasted across a region and they cater to regional audiences. These are varied based on language, preference and content type where the regional flavor is the key. Channels such as Zee 24 taas, Zee Bihar Jharkhand are regional channels.

Can I advertise on cable and DTH channel across India?

You can make your selection across cable and DTH channels across. For this, we recommend you to follow our channel selections spread which you see while making you TV campaign plan.

What are Geo-Targeted TV ads?

Let us explain this with an example – if you are watching Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV in Mumbai and your friend is watching the same programme on the same channel at the same time in Delhi; at a particular ad break, you will see a different advertisement and your friend will see a different advertisement. This is possible due to targeting different ads across different regions on a particular channel at a particular time (hence Geo-Targeted TV ads).

How do I make the channel selections?

To determine your channel selection, we advise you to formulate the core objective of TV advertising (Why is a TV advertising necessary for your brand) first. Once you are sure on the objective, kindly log on to and register to make your plan. Post it, you will be guided to make an audience, budget & market selection, and based on these the algorithms will give you the right media plan with certain channels. In case you wish to create on your own, you can decide on the genre (entertainment, news) and then pick the channels separately based on the list available and the costing.

Why is ZEE MITRA showing me pre-selected channels?

Our platform showcases you the best fit of channels basis your target audience, budget and industry which is derived from the data analytics backed complex algorithm at the back end.

Can anybody guide me on selecting the right channels for TV ad?

Once you create a profile, enter your details and have saved the plan selected, you can immediately write back to us for further assistance on Also, since you have already saved your profile, our representative will get back to you (in 48 business hours), as your details will now be available to us.

What if my channel is not available?

In that case, we request you to leave a detailed message to us on, indicating the channel of your choice not being available and we will ensure that we get back to you with an immediate alternative solution.

Will my ad be shown across all homes in the selected region (when region selected is not ‘All India’)?

Channels that are marked as targeted will be shown only in homes with cable connection in the selected region. Channels that are marked as non-targeted will be shown in homes with cable as well as DTH connection all over India. It is important to note that since targeted channels are shown only in homes with cable connection and not DTH connection, you will be offered these channels at a significant discount.

I have selected ‘All India’ as my region. What do targeted channels mean in this context?

If selected region is ‘All India’ then channels that are marked as targeted, will be shown all over India but only in homes with DTH connection.

Will I get enough coverage if my ad is shown only in homes with a cable connection?

As per industry estimates, more than 75% of households in India have a cable connection. You can be assured that your ad will be seen in a majority of households.

Can I show my ads to homes only with DTH connection?

You can show your ads to homes with DTH connection. For this, select targeted channels under ‘All India’ region. In this case, your ad will be shown in all homes in India with DTH connection. You cannot show ads to homes with DTH connection only in a certain region.

Can I change the way my ad spots are scheduled?

The schedule is recommended by the ZEE MITRA algorithm after considering spot availability as well as the best way to play the spots. If you have a specific requirement, please let your campaign manager know and we will try our best to accommodate it.

What happens if my ad is not played during the scheduled spot?

We will make up to you by playing the ad within the campaign duration. If you don’t want the ad to be rescheduled, we will refund your amount on basis of the number of spots which were dropped (pro- rata basis).


What happens if my ad is not played during the scheduled spot?

We will make up to you by playing the ad within the campaign duration

Will I get my refund in case I stop my campaign midway?
No refund will be allowed. For more clarifications on the terms and conditions, request you to please write to

Are there any cancellation charges immediately before the campaign goes live or in between?

There are no cancellation charges. However, in the best interest, we recommend you to intimate us earlier in advance to understand better and guide you. The booked logs need to be honored. There must be a valid reason for cancellation


What if the Ad Rates are revised after a booking made by me?

There are two scenarios to this.

In case a campaign is selected in your profile, and there is a revision in the ad rates by the broadcaster, the revision will be automatically adjusted to the quote.

In case, you have selected and submitted a campaign, the rates applicable will be held on for up to 14 days. If no payment is initiated in the 14 days’ time slot, the rates will be revised to the new rates applicable as per the broadcaster.

Day Part

Day Part refers to segmenting a day into parts based on the programming schedule, which is usually decided by a Broadcasters. Advertisers can book an advertisement into a selected daypart based on TV consumption behaviour of the target audience (the times of day the target audience tends to watch television).


The total number of times an ad is seen across a campaign (irrespective of repeat views by the same person). The total number of impressions can be figured out by multiplying reach by frequency.

Media Buying

Media buying is the task of purchasing pre-arranged media space from the broadcaster, on behalf of the end advertiser. A media agency usually ensures to secure the most appropriate media space at the best price.

Media Planning

This refers to the creation of a media plan in sync with the advertising strategy decided by the advertiser. Amagi MIX enables you to create an optimised media plan by yourself.


A spot refers to the exact time an ad will be played on TV.

Target Audience

TA refers to the category of people which an advertiser is looking to engage with. Amagi MIX helps you create your media plan basis your target audience.

Average Rating

AR refers to the average viewing figure for a commercial, program, TV channel or ongoing campaign.


The percentage of the universe who saw a TV program at a given time


SOV or “share of voice” is the share of a total ad investments in a particular category. A high SOV means that your brand is seen much in relation to your competitors, a low SOV does just the opposite; your competitors are more visible than you.


A scheduling technique where a brand’s commercial airs at approximately the same time on multiple channel networks in a market.


A time-weighted figure which accounts for time spent by a TV viewer along with the Total Reach

Average TVR

The Mean TVR achieved within a specified period provided for the same market & for the same target audience.
Television rating point (TRP) helps determine a programme which is viewed the most. Also, gives an index of the choice of audience and also the popularity of a particular channel.

GRPs (Gross Rating Points)

GRPs or (Gross Rating Points) is the summation of all the TVRs (television ratings) achieved within a period. It can be for a genre, channel, daypart, market, target audience, program or combinations of them.

CPRP (Cost per Rating Point)

It is the amount an advertiser invests to achieve a TVR (television rating) of 1 for a commercial. It is also an effectiveness score which evaluates the value of spots.

Reach Based Media Plan

This enables a reach to a maximum number of people. Benefits an advertiser in case of a product launch, promotional offers etc.

Frequency Based Plan

This helps get more GRPs-benchmark with sales/competitors. Ensures a better brand recall and awareness. Also, assists in pushing the purchase cycle.